Staying for free in the hotel of your choice in any part of the world.
Integrate your compensation and incentive program for employees.
Use the service to retain customers or initiate trade relations with other hotels.

MyHotelYourHotel works as an intranet, which can be accessed only by registered members.
We does not give out any personal information such as addresses, e-mails, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc.
Our members receive proposals for exchanges; however such information is not disclosed. Therefore, the anonymity of the member is protected until he decides to give out his own information to reply to a proposal message.

Only hotel owners and managers are authorized to carry out these actions.
When you sign up for this service, you select the categories of the hotels you are willing to carry out exchanges with, period, and the duration of the stay.

Hotels Exchange


After you pay your annual membership, you are automatically enabled to access the exchange of stays unlimitedly for 1 year, without any extra charges. You can transfer over this benefit to whoever you'd like (employees, friends, family, customers or yourself).


You determine with which hotel categories you would like to carry out the exchanges and during what time of the year. You are free to accept or decline the exchanges proposals.


Your personal information is only shared with the members of the network. MyHotelYourHotel is an intermediary for this kind of exchange, using a data base to optimize the exchange of information and the relations between hoteliers.

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You will be able to join our network and start using the benefits now unlimitedly during 1 year, without any extra charges.

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