A new concept

MYHOTELYOURHOTEL is a Club of hoteliers friends interested in exchanging stays. Our site works with an interface that can be accessed only by registered members. MyHotelYourHotel does not give out any personal information such as addresses, e-mails, mailing addresses, phone numbers, etc. Our members receive proposals for Exchanges; but they are not required to accept them. The free, personal and common agreement relation between members begins only once both parties have agreed to the exchange.


+ Only hotel owners and managers are authorized to carry out these actions.
+ For a better management, the only people who will be able to access the service are those who own a corporate e-mail account. (I.g. @hotelparaiso.com). The sign up form is confidential and will be considered an affidavit.

+ Whenever a new member signs up for the service, MyHotelYourHotel Team will personally verify either by telephone or e-mail that the person who has registered is real and that is authorized to carry out this type of exchanges. In addition, the information provided for the hotel (category, location, pictures, etc.) will be checked for authenticity.


+When you sign up for this service, you select the categories of the hotels you are willing to carry out exchanges with, the period of time, and the duration of the stay, among other options.
+ Such choices can be modified at any time through your PERSONAL ACCOUNT and the changes will be shown automatically on the website.
+ Nevertheless, since every exchange is unique, you will be able to accept or decline a proposal as you choose when you receive it.
+ Memberships are valid for the period of one year and they can be renewed, if you choose to do so. Likewise, your account can be canceled at any time; this action will remove your hotel automatically from our data base.

+ When you become a member your PERSONAL ACCOUNT is opened, and you will be able to manage your hotels' information and assign different levels of acceptance for exchanges. You will be able to replace the pictures you have uploaded for your hotel, and add commercial information or offers and send comments or private messages to other hotels, as many times as you like. You will also be able to record your contacts and your favorite hotels. In MyHotelYourHotel you can do things freely, easily and in a simple manner !! There are no intermediaries.


What is MyHotelYourHotel?

MyHotelYourHotel is an alternative for your vacations based on exchanges of stays among hoteliers.

How does it work?

Based on the location you would like to visit, you will be able to choose among the available hotels and contact privately their owners or authorized managers to propose an exchange. If your proposal is accepted, you will then work on an agreement to set up the reservation. Through this system, you will be able to transfer the stays to whoever you choose (employees, friends, family members or clients).

Can I decline an exchange offer?

YES. Our system is based on the individual's absolute freedom to accept or decline the exchange proposals. You are not required to accept the exchanges, as long as you haven't agreed upon it and accessed it already. That is, if you have already stayed at one of the hotels in our network as a part of the exchange, you will be required to provide a stay to the other party involved when they require it.

Who is able to use the exchange?

Anyone authorized by the Hotelier. Apart from using the service yourself, you will be able to transfer the services over to a friend, client or employee.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up to our network online, all you need to do is fill out a sign up form. After doing so, your personal account will be opened and you will be able to upload pictures of your hotel and publish commercial information or offers. You will be able to modify this information as many times as you want and it will be updated on the website automatically. For the security of all of our members, our staff will contact all the members personally via telephone or e-mail.